Brochures, Flyers and Interactive Media

Brochure, catalogue and flyer design.

I've been working with desktop publishing now for thirty years and have experience in laying out brochures and flyers intended for print use.  One example being the three-fold Christmas planner done for Cooper's Butchers in Darlaston.  We print these up each year and approaching the Christmas season, as well as having them on the counter, one is popped into the bag with people's meat orders. Simple but effective and a cheap method of promoting sales. Click the thumbnail to view the PDF.


Interactive brochures.

Very much an underused tool in digital marketing, the interactive brochure can be a catalogue of product, a newsletter or internal company manual.  In short, it’s a PDF which contains rich content which can take the form of a link back to your website, a video to demonstrate a product or service.  See the Tardis Times on the right. Loaded with video content as well as links to products and services on their main website.

With a brochure like this, you can email it either as a sales promotion or a newsletter like Tardis Times. 

It can be used in a variety of ways. Emailed as an attachment to generate business or keep clients informed of new product, services or simply what’s going on in your organisation.  Alternatively, place the PDF on a platform such as Publitas and you have an online brochure that can be browsed like a catalogue, the pages even turn like a magazine. To see how a publication like this site on a platform as an online magazine, click the PG Green brochure .

A lot of the leading supermarkets us this method to showcase their special offers, especially at Christmas when they go to town on presentation and it all leads to great sales. The Valentines example is browsable like a magazine.


A benefit of using this method is a boost to SEO. If we have a chat about this subject, I’ll explain the basics.

Product specification sheets.

If there's product on your shelves, you want to sell it, right? A specification sheet can be used to guide your customer to the right product for them.  Put them on your website and it will help you convert stock to sales (or hire if you rent out equipment).

You can build in video content, links back to your site, even a buy now button to close that sale. Also, sitting online these sheets can assist your SEO.

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