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2020 so far, what a croc.

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

We began the year with a month's worth of storms, flooding all over the country, damage to buildings and general chaos.

Back in January, who'd heard of a place in China called Wuhan, let alone the Coronavirus named Covid-19?

Who'd have believed the effect this pandemic would have on just about every person on the planet. Everyday life and work put on hold.

Businesses have been crippled, their income stopping or seriously reduced overnight, especially in the retail and entertainment sectors (restaurants, bars, sports).

I don't think anyone can doubt, the only way to stop the spread, is by adopting the measures set out by governments worldwide.

I spoke with a doctor friend of mine a couple of weeks ago. He's come out of retirement to help the NHS and he told me this virus is highly infectious. The advice on hand washing and social distancing could not be more applicable.

Think of how much stuff you touch just going to the shops. Door handles, key pads when you pay for your shopping, the door handles, steering wheel, gear change and handbrake of your car. Worse still on public transport, those poles you hang on to are always sticky with something. All ways for the virus to spread if you don't adopt high standards of cleanliness.

Four weeks in and I'm sure like me, everyone is looking forward to a return to some form of normality. I've been working from home fortunately keeping me busy in the day. I refuse to queue for an hour to get into a supermarket, so I've been using smaller outlets which I've found to be well stocked and stress free, but for those everyday things like hand - polished juniper berries and organic Quinoa.

Businesses have been knocked for six, some may not survive due to the lack of cooperation from the banks regarding loans and grants which were outlined by the government. I know three of my clients who've not been able to arrange financial help to keep their workforce paid despite the reassurances given on TV by the Chancellor.

Other acquaintances have told me that money they are owed by their clients just amply isn't being paid and of course, all this creates a vicious circle.

One of the problems facing the governments of all nations affected by the pandemic, is that there's nothing to compare this situation to in modern times, not even SARS.

So rather like all of us, they too have to take each day as it comes, reliant on the statistics and input from scientists on what is the best course to take.

The media isn't helping. Frequent calls for an exit strategy which certainly on this date of April 16th, will be a very light sketch of a plan. You can only base such a plan on the number of people hospitalised falling, giving an indication the current measures are working.

No one has a crystal ball and so, despite everyone saying we're all in this together, if you run a business, you're going to have to use the same skills you employed to establish and build your business, to rebuild it when things ease.

From my own point of view, I've stopped marketing the services on this site, because I understand that keeping a business operational outweighs the need for promoting it to an audience in lock down.

Once things ease and who knows how long that will take, then a certain amount of drum banging will be necessary to let those audiences know we're still live, kicking and in the game.

That's not a prophesy, just a modicum of common sense. As is the statement better times are ahead.

I'll leave you with a video done for one of my clients and a line from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Keep banging the rocks together guys.

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