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Love Your Garden.

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

In my previous job for the environmental company, I was fortunate enough to work with the Love Your Garden team on three occasions.

The first time was in Salford at a bungalow belonging to two senior twin sisters, who’d spent their lives doing good for the community. Their garden was a mass of grey concrete.

The reason I managed to blag my way onto the location was, that Tardis Environmental, had loaned the production company a couple of portable toilets. I went up to photograph the proceedings.

When I arrived it was pretty chaotic out front of the bungalow, people hammering and sawing and transporting bags of soil and plants round to the rear of the house situated in a tiny cul de sac.

Outside a huge lorry which had brought the digging machinery and other paraphernalia to work TV magic on the back garden.

As I was shown down the driveway to where the action was, calm ensued and there before me was the garden two days into a three day project, no grey concrete, lots of dug soil but no plants. There stood Alan Titchmarsh presenting to camera and showing how to transform and design the perfect garden plot.

I’ll let you into a secret, I never actually got to meet Alan, he was so busy though standing about 6 feet from me, he gave me a smile.

I popped out front to be greeted by fellow presenter David Domoney who was making his video diary and I ended up in it. I met David on all three occasions, and he made time to say hello. He’s quite the comedian and is well known for pranking his co-presenters and the crew.

Back at the office, I edited the video and stills into a promotional video which I had to embargo until the show aired some months later but you can see it now.

My second encounter was a big affair at the Royal Manchester Children’s hospital. They were making a garden to celebrate seventy years of the NHS and to commemorate the first anniversary of the Manchester Arena bombing.

I attended on the last day, when the project had to be finished by four o clock that afternoon. I saw Alan walk by talking to an associate, he looked very calm and collected whilst the others around him were digging, painting and hammering. Even the local Bobbies were press ganged into moving some of the flora around.

David was busy shovelling earth from a dumper truck whilst Alan was now recording a segment with one of the other regular presenters Katie Rushworth.

My video didn’t show the finished garden, as I wasn’t there for the day, but I’m including it here.

The people from Spun Gold Television who make the show are all lovely people to get along with and I have to make special mention of Thea Pitcher a co-producer and seasoned horticulturist who works behind the scenes on a lot of TV gardening shows.

My work with Tardis Environmental sent me to many fascinating locations, but I have to confess, the Love Your Garden projects were my favourites.

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