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The Mersey Gateway Project

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

The environmental company I worked for, serviced all the construction toilets on the project, both on the bridge and under it. I visited once when the project was only part way through and the huge support legs were being built.

A feat of modern engineering.

I had the pleasure of returning a couple of years later, three weeks before it opened to the public to get a VIP view of the almost finished bridge.

I met one of the main engineers on site who gave me my Health & Safety briefing. “Don’t get run over by any of the construction traffic and don’t fall off as the paperwork’s horrendous.

On my first visit in 2014, we had to cross the Mersey using a bridge they built to build the bridge. A low affair, but strong enough to carry the heavy construction equipment required on such a massive project.

The bridge was completed and opened in October 2017. It spans .6 of a mile across the river and 1.4 miles in total reaching a height of 75 feet. Beneath is a 70 acre nature reserve.

I picked up a little snippet regarding those plastic slats you see as you drive across. £ 500 apiece and there are a lot of them.

Visiting sites like this and seeing such engineering ingenuity, I considered to be one of the perks of my job.

Stay tuned for some of my other adventures out making video.

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