• Keith Povall

Mild Peril indeed...

Most days, I get a reminder on my phone of things I did a year or more ago.

One such reminder told me that two years ago, I was at Market Rasen in Lincolnshire making a video for my previous employer Tardis Environmental.

That job took me all over the country and I covered a wide variety of projects from the Mersey Gateway Bridge project, Love your Garden (three times) and the Leicester Caribbean Carnival.

In 2018, we’d had a bit of a heatwave and the bulk water division of Tardis, were called upon to provide tanker loads of clean water, thirty thousand litres at a time for the reservoir they have at Market Rasen race cource which is used to keep the grass track nice and green.

They have an automated watering system there, almost robotic in fact. A cart with a long hose reel and pressurised nozzles slowly works its way around the course totally unattended, fed by the water from the aforementioned reservoir.

Picture the scene. A brilliantly sunny day, blue skies and white fluffy clouds..

As I’ve mentioned in another of my blog posts, I am well known for my arty shots and the sun shining through the cascade of water filling the reservoir was too much of a temptation.

I went to the edge and using my phone, sought to capture some slow-motion video of the water to enhance the longshots of the irrigation system and the verdant pastures of the course.

The reservoir was lined with a sort of neoprene material and as I stooped down to do my slo mo capture, I hardly noticed that both my feet were slowly moving towards the edge and steep incline down into the reservoir.

First thing I did was to throw my phone on to the grass verge, then try to maintain my balance, but my feet went from under me and I slowly began to slide down the smooth rubbery incline.

I managed to grab on to a tuft of grass at the edge of the liner to the pool and could just see the two Tardis drivers chatting about a hundred yards away. I called for help, but they were both heavily engaged in chat about football and my cry for help went unanswered.

I started to panic as a clump of grass was all there was between me and a wet demise.

If I have to be honest, the reservoir wasn’t that deep, but I still didn’t relish the thought of having to travel home sopping wet.

The adrenaline rush was just what I needed, as I kicked my legs in blind panic, I managed to scramble back on to the edge of what could have been a watery grave.

I returned to the drivers and told them of my close encounter with the grim reaper, they just sniggered.

When the head groundsman came, I told him all about it, he just laughed and said “I’m the only one of my crew who’s not done that”. No sympathy there, I thought.

Oddly, we never put out the video I risked leg and limb to make and I just mention it because someone should appreciate the danger I will expose myself to, in order to provide a decent promotional video. To paraphrase Austin Powers, Danger is my middle name.

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