Video: Shooting, Editing and Promoting.

The growth of the internet coupled with the development of smart devices has given us all the ability to put video content online. YouTube is the market leader and if you look, you’ll find the very best and the very worst video content on the planet.

YouTube, of course, is just the platform on which to place your content. Once you’ve done so, to get the best from your project, you should cross-promote using methods such as explained in the Interactive brochure section. Again, there are tools to “optimise” your projects and if we work together, we’ll be using them to our advantage.

You can embed your videos on your website or as a thumbnail in your outgoing emails. It’s all good for business and SEO.

Love Your Garden.

It was an extreme pleasure to get in on the act with two episodes of Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh, David Domoney and Katie Rushworth. This special episode was a garden designed for the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital to commemorate both the 70th anniversary of the NHS and the one year anniversary of the Arena bombing. I was granted permission to attend on the last day of work.

Sausage Making.

Coopers Butchers in Darlaston have been making a range of delicious sausages for over forty years, to a secret family recipe. Without giving away any of their secrets, I made a video for them showing the goodness that goes into the finished product.  





Warehousing Video.

This is a short used for an exhibition stand showing a warehousing operation in Birmingham and using a drone for both indoor and outdoor aerial video. 



Making video, two and a half minutes can make a difference.

Budgets can run away with themselves when using a digital marketing agency, but not when I step in.

A video project starts with you. The content needs to convey to your prospective client a reason why they should be talking to you about your products and services over your competitor. An average video should run two and a half to three minutes to maintain the viewer’s attention.

If you sell product already from your website, you can feature a selection as a slideshow, with captions and music. If your activity involves people doing things, then I point a camera at those activities, edit it all together add royalty free music (to prevent copy right incursions). Graphics, captions voice overs possibly and you’ve a commercially presentable marketing tool to promote your business.

Don’t just take my word for it, take a look at some of the examples I’ve done both in my day job and as a freelance for local small business (I particularly like the butcher’s sausage-making one, a subject close to my heart).

One of the reasons videos are such a powerful tool, is that people hate reading long descriptions, whereas you can say an awful lot about yourself in a two-and-a-half-minute video. The scrolling gallery below should illustrate the benefits of well-made video.